Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Self Directed Comic Critique

Name of the critter:
Name of the critiqued:

Does the comic look finished? What is the subject of the comic?

Who are the characters? Describe them. Describe their relationships/interactions with one another.

What types of panel transitions are used? Is there any confusion about the order in which they’re read?

Does the artist make the most of their page layouts? Is it well designed? Do they make the most of page their page turns?

What types of word/picture relationships are used?

Is the lettering legible and consistent? Does it compliment the art? Are there any grammatical errors?

Is the art clear? Can you tell what is going on at each stage? Does the art look finished? Does it look professional? Why or why not?

How is the pacing? Is it too fast or too slow? Do any sections need to be compressed or decompressed?

How has the artist handled the freedom of directing their own project? Are there too many pages or too few? Is the comic finished? What observations have you made about this artist’s comics over the semester?

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