Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MIcrofiction Critique

Name of the critter:
Name of the critiqued:

Does the sequence look finished? What is the subject of this sequence?

Is this a successful adaptation of the short story? Are the important narrative elements from the short story included in this adaptation? Is anything missing or misinterpreted?

What types of word/picture relationships are present? Site a few examples.

Can you understand the sequence without the words? Can you understand the narrative without the images?

Is the lettering legible and consistent? Does it compliment the art?

Is the art clear?  Can you tell what is going on at each stage? Does the aesthetic match the subject matter?  Does the art look finished? Be specific, citing both positive and negative examples.

How is the pacing? Too fast or too slow?

Is there ever confusion as to what order in which to read the panels?

Is the page well-organized? Does the layout of the panels add to the communication of the story?

How is the “acting” in the strip? Are the character’s facial expressions and body language clear?

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