Wednesday, October 8, 2014

20 Phylacteries!

Phylactery is the name for speech scrolls which appeared in medieval art, and is a fancy way of saying “word balloon” when talking about comics. Create a one or two page comic in which you use at least fifteen different phylacteries and fifteen different approaches to lettering in your comic. The word balloons and lettering should be carefully considered and created with great care. They are not secondary to the art.

Think about your text as supporting characters.  What would very icy words from someone look like?  How can you depict a heated debate with your text and/or balloon?  What are you communicating if your words are too big for your balloon and pop out of it?  What are you communicating if your words are microscopic inside of a large, empty balloon?  What happens if there IS NO balloon?

Furthermore, think back to the idea of synaesthetics from Chapter 5.  Can you also incorporate the other senses with your balloons and lettering?  Give it a try!

20 Phylacteries Comic is due on 10/1 to be critiqued on 10/3.

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