Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Seven Silent Deadly Sins Comic Critique

Name of critter:
Name of critiqued:

Does the sequence look finished?

What is the subject of the sequence? 

What is the complete action or story arc?

Is the art clear?  Can you tell what is going on at each stage?  Be specific, citing both positive and negative examples.

Can you follow each action?  Can you tell what is being shown?

Is the art compelling?  Be specific.

Does the work avoid using words?

Are all seven sins (wrath, lust, sloth, gluttony, pride, avarice, envy) represented?  Can you tell which sins are which?

Describe the pacing. Does it change? If so, does the change reinforce the narrative or hurt it?

Is the story effectively told with the existing number of panels? Are there superfluous panels or does the story need more – if so, where and why?

Is there ever confusion about the reading order of the panels?

Is the page well-organized?  Does the layout of the panels add to the communication of the story or detract from it?

How is the “acting” in the strip?  Are the characters’ facial expressions and body language clear? Do they emote well?

Is the strip interesting?  Would you want to read more?  If so, why?  IF not, what is missing?

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