Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hurry Up and Wait Critique

Hurry Up and Wait

Name of the critter:
Name of the critiqued:

Does the sequence look finished?  How is the craft? 

Is the art clear?  Can you tell what is being depicted?  Be specific, citing both positive and negative examples.

What is the subject of this sequence?  What is the complete action or story arc? 

How is the pacing?  Are there two different paces being shown?  Which character experiences slower time, and which experiences a faster time?

Can you follow the action?  Can you tell what is being shown in each panel and over the course of the comic?  Is there ever confusion as to what order in which to read the panels?

Is the page (or pages) well-organized?

How is the “acting” in the strip?  Are characters’ facial expressions and body language clear?  Do the expressions emote correctly?

Is the strip interesting?  Would you want to read more strips like this?  Why or why not?  If not, what is missing?

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