Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Seven Silent Deadly Sins

Create a comic between one and four pages in which the seven “deadly” sins are committed. No one actually has to die, however – I know how much you kids like murder. And they’re “silent” because this is the last assignment in which you’re not allowed to use words. The sins can be committed by one character or by multiple characters, and may be committed in any order you choose. Icons, symbols, pictographs, and even wordless word balloons may be used to illustrate the sins. You are not, however, allowed to label the sins.

Really evaluate your thumbnail sketches and concepts before you begin. Are some of the sins quickly and clearly communicated or can some sins be easily confused for others? Can this be done efficiently and effectively in just one page or do you need the full four pages?

The sins are:
Avarice (basically greed)

Seven Silent Deadly Sins is due Monday, September 29.

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